1. How To choose an applicable material testing machines for your material or industry?
Answers :There are various models of tensile testing machine for you to choose according to different demands in industries.Simply sort out an applicable mode by :
  1. The maximum testing force. For example, if the current (or estimated) test force for your product is 12.5KN (1250KG), then please choose the capacity 2000 kg model of testing machine for use.
  2. Size of the specimen. If the test force is not big and however the size of specimen is big, then please consider to choose a big testing space of testing machine for use.
  3. Function demanded. Please check with material testing machine manufacturer for the demands of testing method and data analysis result, and then choose the suggested models.
2. How many kinds of force sensor can be chosen for material testing machines? And how to select the loadcell for testing machine ?
  1. The loadcell capacity can be classified to 10N / 20N / 50N / 100N / 200N / 500N / 1KN / 2KN / 5KN / 10KN / 20KN / 50KN / 100KN etc. Other classified method, like english system and metric systems would show different data.
  2. Please select 1.5~2.0 times bigger capacity than the max. testing capacity for sensor. If the testing capacity is small, to select 5% bigger capacity for loadcell would be best.
3. What difference between hydraulic testing machine and electric testing machine?
  1. Concerning the cost, hydraulic testing machines mostly are used for 300KN and the above capacity test, and seldom for 100KN. Hydraulic mechanical properties easily bring out strength and lower making cost. Electric mechanical machine is in best applied to test capacity under 100KN. It also seldom to apply to 300KN or above, however the cost of components, grips and fixtures for big capacity of electric machine would risen complete price of machine.
  2. Concerning the use, in general, to compare the constant-rate testing and long distance motion, hydraulic testing machine is not easy to operation. Electric testing machine is also comparative economical for using space and maintenance.
4. How to calibrate pendulum impact tester?
Izod and Charpy testing method are both included in impact tester for testing plastic material. The general measuring organization do not offer the calibration method for this item due to which variables is many, such as impact angle, impact speed, impact head shape, condition of grip, mechanical resistance, air resistance, etc. All this reasons would effect the accuracy of this device. If you need an actual test and verifying for your impact tester, please refer ISO-13802 regulation.
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