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 QC-902  Spring twist test machine °@

Spring twist test machine specialized in large test range, fast speed, test angle operated by program. The tooling made by separated design able to cooperate with different tooling. Spring twist machine is the best choice because allow all kinds of specimens.

To test the fatigue of torsion of spring is to design a unit fixture according to different type of spring, to set the fixture on testing place and to do the torsion test in different angles. This tester is opening design to leave space for setting the specimen. Max. 4 specimens are available to be tested together at same time.

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 Specs °@  Description
 Max twist °@  9N-m
 Specimen quality °@  4
 Max speed °@  0.1~100rpm
 Max measurement times °@  9999999
 Machine Dimension °@  80°—70°—82(cm)
 Wooden crate dimension °@  100°—90°—120(cm)
 Machine net weight °@  120kg
 Machine gross weight °@  185kg
 Power °@  220V,AC,1†Ŕ


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